we do what we can, until we cannot (odontomachus) wrote,
we do what we can, until we cannot

it's a shallow little trench and it's giving off a stench

eQ JulieT: hey, do you want a cheap big country ?
Brosencrantz: depends, is it an AIDS-ridden shithole?
eQ JulieT: dunno
eQ JulieT: i guess thats relative
eQ JulieT: relative to team captain - yea
eQ JulieT: relative to hatless engy, not so much
Brosencrantz: oh - big country as in the hat?
eQ JulieT: ye
eQ JulieT: lol
Brosencrantz: sorry, I got confused, thought you were trying to sell me libya or something
eQ JulieT: lol
eQ JulieT: i don't own libya
Brosencrantz: well who DOES?
Tags: conversations, tf2
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