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[23:19:08] Brosencrantz: oh stalker I've missed you
[23:19:42] Brosencrantz: I'm investigating a stash which turns out to be only accessible from the top of one of the big pipelines in zaton
[23:20:15] Brosencrantz: hear a shitton of gunfire, 'nocs out, scope down into the swamp, some dudes are shooting at some dogs and coming off worse, but too far for me to help and I've got other shit to do
[23:20:48] Brosencrantz: little while later gunfire seriously picks up, look again, the dogs are dead but a bunch of zombies have attacked the remaining stalkers
[23:20:54] Brosencrantz: then another bunch of stalkers weighs in
[23:21:01] Brosencrantz: then some bandits start shooting at the stalkers
[23:21:11] Brosencrantz: then the zombies start attacking the bandits
[23:21:22] Brosencrantz: there are like three dudes left down there all popping away at each other in among a huge pile of corpses
[23:21:28] Hovercraft: hee
[23:21:33] Hovercraft: also I think I got that stash
[23:21:44] Brosencrantz: bandages and wodka and lucozade
[23:21:49] Brosencrantz: not really worth it
[23:22:09] Hovercraft: da
[23:22:16] Hovercraft: I think it was my first stash though
[23:22:23] Hovercraft: so vaguely worth it at the time
[23:35:46] Hovercraft: I think I shall do some more stalkan too
[23:35:53] Hovercraft: give this hostage rescue mission another try
[23:36:12] Hovercraft: after getting blammed in the face by some cunt bandit cunt last time
[23:36:36] Hovercraft: my own fault really, wading in after telling myself I'd stay back and snipe
[23:36:44] Hovercraft: having completely fucked my armour by standing on a mine
[23:46:26] Hovercraft: fuuuuuuck
[23:46:32] Hovercraft: all my bros died early that time
[23:46:41] Hovercraft: snuck around for ages picking off cunts
[23:46:49] Hovercraft: nearly got all of them
[23:46:54] Hovercraft: then emission
[23:46:59] Hovercraft: bleh
[23:47:00] Brosencrantz: D:
[23:47:02] Hovercraft: third time's the charm
[23:47:15] Hovercraft: I'd have continued, but the nearest shelter was miles away
[23:47:16] Brosencrantz: I just cleared out the sawmill
[23:47:25] Brosencrantz: I know there's tools around here somewhere, but I dunno where
[23:47:57] Brosencrantz: fucking zombies are TOUGH in this game, and don't shoot badly, I find myself needing to basically bumrush them with a shotgun and blam their fucking chests in at point blank
[23:47:58] Hovercraft: hold F, run around
[23:48:32] Hovercraft: sounds like you need a snooper
[23:48:44] Hovercraft: I got basically cornered by zombies in the cement factory earlier
[23:48:48] Hovercraft: I used nades
[23:48:58] Brosencrantz: it was cool, once I'd blammed a couple and found myself a nice rooftop position to pop away at them with my AK all day a couple of random stalkers showed up on the far side of camp
[23:49:24] Brosencrantz: few minutes of methodical gunfire, high-five the survivor over a bottle of vodka and pile of dead things
[23:52:17] Brosencrantz: i HAVE
[23:52:18] Brosencrantz: the tools
[23:55:39] Brosencrantz: which is good because it's almost sunset and the way back to skadovsk is long and snorky
[23:55:55] Hovercraft: i SAVED
[23:55:57] Hovercraft: the hostage
[23:56:00] Brosencrantz: \o/
[23:56:01] Hovercraft: all my bros still died though
[23:56:04] Brosencrantz: loot their shit
[23:56:12] Hovercraft: they had VALs I thing
[23:57:07] Hovercraft: my bad, vintorezezezez
[00:00:21] Hovercraft: augh I don't know what happened D:
[00:00:38] Hovercraft: the emission started, and I ran to the thing on the map, but it wasn't obvious the way in
[00:01:07] Hovercraft: and then I went in what I thought was the entrance and there were guys in there and I thought they were bros but then they were MOANING and I realised they were zombies
[00:01:25] Hovercraft: and I shot them all in the head and then there were some boxes in front of a doorway and and and I started hacking them
[00:01:28] Hovercraft: but it was too late
[00:01:33] Hovercraft: awaaagh ;_;
[00:05:08] Hovercraft: there, I used one of those drugs what knocks you out instead
[00:46:04] Brosencrantz: fucksake
[00:46:15] Brosencrantz: >am in camp of douche bandits, but they're neutral
[00:46:16] Brosencrantz: >emission starts
[00:46:19] Brosencrantz: >they all head to saferoom
[00:46:21] Brosencrantz: >...idea
[00:46:27] Brosencrantz: >GRENADES
[00:46:30] Brosencrantz: >ak survivors
[00:46:49] Brosencrantz: >settle down happily to plunder ridiculous pile of corpses while emission rages outside
[00:46:58] Brosencrantz: >emission kills me despite this apparently being a safe area
[00:47:00] Brosencrantz: >:|
[00:48:03] Hovercraft: bah
[00:52:05] Brosencrantz: right
[00:52:13] Brosencrantz: after three quicksaves I managed to locate and glug the drugs
[00:52:15] Brosencrantz: -> survival
[00:52:34] Brosencrantz: fortunately two of these shits were carrying Hercules pills
[00:52:57] Brosencrantz: which is great since I'm about to haul a fucking ridiculous pile of guns back to the station :3
[00:59:15] Brosencrantz: I'm sorry what was that game, something about not being able to carry 88kg?
[00:59:28] Brosencrantz: I can't hear you over the sound of ALL THE GUNS I'M CARRYING and ALL THE DRUGS I'M ON
[00:59:36] Brosencrantz: god this game plays to all my wish fulfillment fantasies <3
[01:12:57] Hovercraft: con: controller turned all my bros against me and I had to kill a couple of them
[01:13:12] Hovercraft: pro: one of the dead ones had a veles detector /o/
[01:13:25] Hovercraft: I've been wanting one of those for ages
[01:16:17] Hovercraft: ooh, hermann had one for sale too
[01:16:38] Hovercraft: now I just need one more and I can give them to novikov to get the so fucking future detector
[01:18:31] Hovercraft: I like how the missions are more substantial in this one
[01:18:37] Hovercraft: it definitely feels like the best of the three
[01:19:54] Brosencrantz: mmm
[01:20:02] Brosencrantz: lessons have been learned
[01:20:11] Brosencrantz: and I haven't even got to pripyat yet :>
[01:21:04] Hovercraft: right, a third veles is the reward for finishing that bloodsucker lair mission chain
[01:21:27] Hovercraft: which I derped on by not realising the keys for the box containing the gas were also in the abandoned convoy
[01:22:00] Hovercraft: in my defence it was night and I wanted to get off that horrible bridge
[01:56:23] Brosencrantz: oh christ I can see bloodsuckers down in that swamp
[01:57:57] Brosencrantz: god if I had a fucking dragunov
[01:58:50] Hovercraft: bloodsuckers are hard to snipe
[01:58:56] Hovercraft: always trotting about, the bastards
[01:59:09] Brosencrantz: well I'm not going in there with a shotgun for fucking sure
[01:59:14] Hovercraft: how many?
[01:59:18] Brosencrantz: 3
[01:59:22] Hovercraft: pah
[01:59:24] Brosencrantz: that I can see immediately
[01:59:33] Brosencrantz: this is from the top of the tower at the cement works
[01:59:39] Brosencrantz: there are some stalker bros up here
[01:59:44] Brosencrantz: they're shooting at occasional zombies
[01:59:45] Brosencrantz: it's cool
[01:59:56] Hovercraft: is this the swamp at the north of jupiter?
[02:00:04] Hovercraft: cement works, yes
[02:00:12] Hovercraft: ja I took on those suckers earlier
[02:00:26] Hovercraft: couldn't see them though, they all noticed me and cloaked before I got into position
[02:00:37] Hovercraft: lured two of them over and blammed them from on top of a rock
[02:00:39] Brosencrantz: I saw some shit moving about, 'nocs out, NO
[02:00:45] Hovercraft: then took the other two on at once on the little island
[02:00:58] Brosencrantz: there are four?
[02:00:59] Brosencrantz: shit
[02:01:04] Hovercraft: were for me
[02:01:15] Brosencrantz: I actually have a really good shotgun now
[02:01:15] Hovercraft: they're actually quite easy to dodge
[02:02:51] Hovercraft: though one I unwisely took on earlier in the dark, who was accompanied by a load of dogs, kept doing some kind of stunlock thing
[02:03:21] Hovercraft: where it sort of incapped and probably sucked me for a few seconds, leaving me all hurt and groggy :<
[02:04:32] Hovercraft: do you have the drum shotgun?
[02:05:12] Brosencrantz: oui
[02:05:27] Brosencrantz: one of the fifteen or so bandits I killed had it :3
[02:05:30] Hovercraft: iWant
[02:16:34] Brosencrantz: go and kill a load of fucking bandits
[02:16:35] Brosencrantz: they deserve it
[02:16:54] Brosencrantz: oh god one of the desk lights in the radio station by the cement works was on
[02:17:16] Brosencrantz: it's little details like that which make the zone genuinely fucking creepy
[02:18:19] Brosencrantz: anyone can make a perfectly realised bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland
[02:18:42] Brosencrantz: with a little more work you can make a believable blasted upside-down korsakovian hellscape of lunacy
[02:19:00] Brosencrantz: but to have the former with just enough details slightly off to be genuinely unsettling
[02:19:29] Brosencrantz: is to create a world that... well, to create a world that makes me edgy enough to instinctively fire shotguns at desk lights
[02:22:25] Hovercraft: earlier on in my failed attempt at the hostage rescue, there was one dude left I could hear running around trying to find me
[02:22:59] Hovercraft: I was slowly sneaking to try and avoid getting a face full of buckshot
[02:23:23] Hovercraft: was looking at the building with the hostage in for a while, wondering if I could just make a run for it
[02:23:48] Hovercraft: then I turned around, at the exact moment this dude was obliviously backing into me
[02:23:59] Hovercraft: what transpired was p. much like real life
[02:24:14] Brosencrantz: you both freaked and flailed and the one whose gun was pointed in the right direction won
[02:24:25] Hovercraft: I flailed and unloaded a whole bunch of shots in his general direction before I even knew what was happening
[02:51:31] Brosencrantz: "hunt the chimera" run 1: wait till bros open fire, it leaps at me, I shit my pants so hard the game crashes
[02:51:58] Brosencrantz: run 2: go ahead of them, throw a single grenade which lands perfectly underneath its arse, collect victory.
[02:52:07] Hovercraft: at the summer camp?
[02:52:26] Brosencrantz: er... think so, it's snoozing under this big bandstandy thing
[02:52:30] Hovercraft: yep
[02:52:40] Brosencrantz: and there are creepy murals with foxes, and random bloodsuckers prowling the next hill over
[02:52:42] Hovercraft: I snooped it and it went for the fronp guy
[02:52:43] Hovercraft: he survived
[02:52:56] Brosencrantz: horses for courses mang
[02:53:04] Brosencrantz: I found grenades to work quite well against sleeping mutants in the past
[02:53:09] Brosencrantz: >_>
[02:54:00] Brosencrantz: fortunately the game understands that players will be players and doesn't penalise you for accidentally killing your NPC bro
[02:54:23] Brosencrantz: you just get a different message when you're standing panting and deafened in the middle of the grenade-fragment-riddled underground slaughterhouse
[02:54:44] Hovercraft: you also tend to get better rewards if they survive
[02:55:03] Hovercraft: like in my controller encounter, one of the dudes survived and gave me a stash location in gratitude
[02:55:18] Hovercraft: then hermann was also pleased they hadn't all died and possibly gave me more dosh
[02:55:21] Brosencrantz: look there were like eight bloodsuckers and I wasn't expecting it and I had a pocketful of grenades
[02:55:56] Hovercraft: and you didn't listen to grouse going "we can sneak past"?
[02:57:04] Brosencrantz: I couldn't hear him over all the grenades going off
[02:57:14] Hovercraft: you are a terrible stalker
[02:57:43] Brosencrantz: "go to noah to learn about this artifact"
[02:57:44] Brosencrantz: shit, I think I accidentally killed him
[02:58:21] Hovercraft: fucksake is nobody safe from your incompetent slaugher?
[02:58:46] Brosencrantz: look I knocked on the door, he fired a fucking shotgun at me
[02:59:03] Hovercraft: yeah he does do that
[02:59:13] Brosencrantz: maybe he thought I was a mutant or something, but don't do that and not expect a grenade
[02:59:16] Hovercraft: but I restrained myself because I knew he's an important dude
[02:59:34] Hovercraft: I put my gun away and strode up to him
[02:59:56] Brosencrantz: I threw a grenade into the ship and it killed him and I looted his crap shotgun
[03:00:46] Hovercraft: I'm having second thoughts about playing stalker online with you
[03:01:12] Brosencrantz: I can't wait to get a machine gun
[03:01:59] Hovercraft: how did you get to the copter on the plateau without him anyway?
[03:02:24] Brosencrantz: it dropped some hint and minimap flag when I searched him
[03:03:01] Hovercraft: good to know the designers spared a thought for the utter retard demographic
[03:03:47] Brosencrantz: I prefer to phrase it "gave measured consideration to all gameplay eventualities and potential player actions"
[03:04:04] Brosencrantz: and fuck, I'm out of grenades, where can I buy more grenades
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