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I am 22!

(...it's all downhill from here, life has peaked, just ticking off the days til I die, etc...)

From my dear loving family I have been given an enormous Russian novel, a new foil for my shaver (which was a first year gift, so the circle is complete), a fresh pair of deep-blue Old Man Slippers (I go through a set a year, and it's that time of year again) and DELANICE. Delanice is a beast of a smartphone (I'm convinced the design spec included "capable of beating a man to death"), and Pope, who has his fingers in more techie pies than I can keep count of these days, invited me to review it for MobileFun. So I did, and as a result will be scoring a snazzy new case. I know cool people.

(Delanice is a Dell Venue Pro; my previous phone was a Samsung Taylor called Tay Tay. Watch this it you're raising an eyebrow at the names.)

On my last run down to London, to send Eli off for her year in Japan, Tom gave me a remote control helicopter (soon to be used for trolling Mason and promoting Warsoc once I've scored some batteries for it), and various lovely people have sent various lovely cards with several variations on the theme of "holy shit you're old." Thanks, guys. While I totally failed to organise anything on the day, I ought to be having an OHGODSOOLD party next week. (On the off-chance that a) you're a friend in real life, b) you're reading this but not my facebook, come along! Also, what is UP with you.) There will be a toast to absent bros.

Also, not-exactly-a-gift-but-may-as-well-be-one, and very cathartic (and rewarding, in all senses), has been working with Philip on SECRET PROJECTS, which I will post about once they come to fruition and once I've had another look at the exact details of the non-disclosure clause in the contract.

I count my blessings, and they are many. Life is good. More on uni soon.
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